You can download the source from the following places:

There are various options available (pass -f [option] to cabal install) to customise the installation, which you can use depending on which libraries you have available. They are:

  • llvm to build the LLVM code generation
  • ffi to use libffi, which is required for the type providers feature.
  • gmp to use libgmp for big integer support (instead of the less efficient mini-gmp).
  • curses to use libncurses to get the screen width for pretty-printing.

More detailed installation instructions that are maintained by the Idris community are available on the wiki for the following platforms:


There are binary packages available for various platforms:

If you require any optional features (e.g. GMP or compile time FFI support), you will need to build from source.

Editor Support

There are vim and emacs modes, each of which support interactive editing: