Idris 0.99 Released

A new version of Idris, 0.99, has been released. You can find this on hackage, or from the download page. Documentation is available from The changes since version 0.12 are detailed below.

This is an important step towards releasing version 1.0, with the language more or less stable now. Between now and releasing 1.0, we’ll be focussing on fixing up the most important issues, and on efficiency and robustness.

Thanks as always to everyone who has contributed, either with code, documentation or by testing and reporting issues. You can find the names of all contributors in the CONTRIBUTORS file in the source repository.

Language updates

  • record syntax now allows updating fields, including nested fields, by applying a function using the $= operator. For example:
  record Score where
         constructor MkScore
         correct : Nat
         attempted : Nat

  record GameState where
         constructor MkGameState
         score : Score
         difficulty : Nat

  correct : GameState -> GameState
  correct st = record { score->correct $= (+1),
                        score->attempted $= (+1) } st
  • Implicit parameter to interfaces are now allowed. For example:
interface Shows (ts : Vect k Type) where
    shows : HVect ts -> Vect k String

In this interface, k is an implicit parameter, but previously needed to be explicit

Library updates

  • The File Effect has been updated to take into account changes in Prelude.File and to provide a ‘better’ API.
  • natEnumFromThen and natEnumFromTo have been updated to correctly calculate reverse ranges. Range syntax [a,b..c] now can be used again to generate reverse ranges.
  • divBN and modBN now can only be used for unsigned numbers.
  • return, which has been an alias for pure for many releases, is now deprecated.
  • Replace instance with implementation:

    • InstanceN is deprecated, use ImplementationN instead.
    • InstanceCtorN is deprecated, use ImplementationCtorN instead.
    • addInstance is deprecated, use addImplementation instead.
    • %instance keyword is deprecated, use %implementation instead.
  • Idris packages are now installed within a sub-directory libs of Idris’ data directory, before they were installed in the directory’s root.

Tool updates

  • Idris’ documentation system now displays the documentation for auto implicits in the output of :doc.
  • New command line flag --info that displays information about the installation.
  • New command line flag --sourcepath <dir> that allows adding directories to the source search path.
  • Allow ‘installation’ of a package’s IdrisDoc documentation into a central location. The default location is the subdirectory docs of Idris’ data directory.
    • New flag --installdoc <ipkg> provided to install documentation
    • New flag --docdir provided to show default documentation installation location.
    • New environment variable IDRIS_DOC_PATH to allow specification of an alternative installation path for documentation.
  • Semantic meaning behind several environment variables has been clarified in documentation and code. See compilation section of the reference manual for more details.
  • Interface parameter constraints are now printed in the output of :doc.

Miscellaneous updates

  • New, faster, better, implementation of the coverage checker
  • The test suite now uses [tasty-golden ( New tests must be registered in test/TestData.hs, as explained in the relevant
  • Added OSX and Windows continuous integration with Travis and Appveyor.

UI Changes

  • The :e command can now handle an $EDITOR with arguments in it, like “emacs -nw”