Idris 2 version 0.2.2 Released

A new version (0.2.2) of Idris 2 has been released. You can download the source (including generated Scheme and Racket files for bootstrapping) from the download page.

There are few changes in this release; it exists purely to preserve a bootstrapping path from the previous version (0.2.1) to the next version (0.3.0) which will be released imminently. So:

  • You can use version 0.2.1 to build 0.2.2
  • You can use version 0.2.2 to build 0.3.0 (and, potentially, future versions until we raise the minimum requirement)

In theory, it should be possible to continue to build Idris 2 with previous compilers, following a path all the way back to Lazy ML. I am not keen to test this in practice, however :).